• Protecting... Future Leaders
  • Protecting... First Responders
  • Protecting... Office Colleagues
  • Protecting... Tired Travelers
  • Protecting... VIP Guests
  • Protecting... Hungry Diners
  • Protecting... Covid Heroes
  • Protecting... Sports Fanatics
  • Protecting... Daily Commuters
  • Protecting... Retail Addicts
  • Protecting... Gym Dwellers
  • Protecting... Loved Ones
  • Protecting... Production Lines
  • Future Leaders
  • First Responders
  • Office Colleagues
  • Tired Travelers
  • VIP Guests
  • Hungry Diners
  • Covid Heroes
  • Sports Fanatics
  • Daily Commuters
  • Retail Addicts
  • Gym Dwellers
  • Loved Ones
  • Production Lines

Why UV-C?

Ultraviolet light has been used in healthcare for decades to clean the air we breathe, the surfaces we touch and the water we drink.



UV-C light breaks down the DNA of viruses and bacteria. Coronavirus requires only small doses of UV-C to prevent it reproducing.



The pandemic has demonstrated how effective Ultraviolet is in stopping the spread of Covid-19. UV-C protects facilities, ensuring a safer return for employees, students and customers to the places we love.

Benefits of UV-C Technology


Used in healthcare facilities, schools, airports and hotels


UV-C technology has been relied upon for over 40 years


UV-C protects surfaces and objects in a matter of minutes


All bacteria and viruses respond to UV-C light

Protecting the three vectors of transmission

Infections are spread through three routes – the air we breathe, the surfaces we touch, and the water we drink.  


threeUV offers the largest portfolio of UV-C air, surface and water infection prevention solutions in North America. We protect your facilities and allow you to safely get people back through your doors. We aim to understand the organization you run and the properties you manage; then build solutions that draw on some of the very best UV-C technology around.


UV-C is not just an effective solution for the pandemic. Our technology fights hundreds of viruses and bacteria that cause the common cold, hay fever, influenza, and other everyday ailments.



Clean the air we breathe and reduce exposure to harmful airborne pathogens



Kill dangerous pathogens living on surfaces and everyday high-touch items



Eradicate deadly contaminants in the water we use to drink, wash and bathe

Safety for our officers was paramount. Pathogens get into the air and get on desks and that's where our staff get contaminated. I'm glad to see that the department is making our stations safer for our officers."

Robert Harris
Protective League Director

They’re mobile and the nice thing is you don’t need an operator to use it while it’s in the room doing its job. You can set it up, lock the room so nobody can enter and operate these remotely from a smartphone or tablet."

Greg McCloskey
Public Works Director
Westmoreland County, PA

Your UV-C light technology has impressed my staff. The use of this type of technology will contribute to reducing the bio-burden introduced into the room by normal entry and exit traffic."

Alexander Melchert Director of Pharmacy
New York Presbyterian

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