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The COVID-19 pandemic presents huge challenges to U.S. industrial manufacturers, which employs 13 million U.S. workers. Some companies have already closed facilities. Given its on-site nature, the industry is poised to be hit hard during this outbreak. Remote work across the supply chain is often not an option.


UV-C reduces infections in the workplace

In this new pandemic era, manufacturers can keep employees safe by re-configuring work spaces and implementing strong sanitation and infection prevention protocols. threeUV supports manufacturers, and the supply chain they depend upon, with innovative UV-C solutions that increase safety for factories, and the employees that work in them.



UV-C technology has been used in the healthcare industry for over 40 years to disinfect against viruses and bacteria

"Keeping our team members safe and our food supply chains uninterrupted is our number one priority, especially during a pandemic that has already resulted in food shortages impacting millions around the world”

Arjan Stephens

General Manager

Nature’s Path


Protecting surfaces we touch and the air we breathe

Our U.S. product portfolio is clinically proven and highly versatile. We design solutions that protect manufacturer facilities and keep their employees safe.

Large room surface protection

The only fully autonomous UV-C robot manufactured in the USA. Capable of disinfecting 16,000 sq ft of the largest manufacturing plants in a single cycle.


Factory room protection

Innovative modular UV-C carts are a highly effective solution for industrial office spaces, capable of fully disinfecting a 24ft x 24ft room in just 10 minutes.

Equipment protection                             Disinfection protection for phones, tablets, keyboards and other high touch items. Proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in minutes.


Air Protection

Utilize UV-C technology to clean the air your employees breathe in occupied rooms, removing the need for expensive HVAC system overhauls.

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Protect employees with UV-C cleansed air

Protect employees from infection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Safe for use in occupied rooms, UV Angel Air is proven to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in the air. Sitting outside of the HVAC system, each unit protects 150 square feet of a room, constantly treating, cleansing and circulating 50 cubic feet of air per minute.


UV Angel Air is unobtrusive, continuous, and with it’s innovative in-ceiling design, saves on valuable floor space allowing for greater social distancing in your school classroom. UV Angel Air is suitable for productions lines, offices or any location where clean air is vital.

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