It's time to re-instate confidence in hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are facing catastrophic financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The American Hospital Association estimates a financial impact of $50 billion per month for America’s healthcare system. Visits to ambulatory practices declined 60% in 2020, and still remain 25% lower than before the pandemic. 

UV-C makes facilities safer

UV-C technology has been relied upon for decades to manage the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), such as MRSA and C-Diff. threeUV are proud to introduce new, innovative UV-C solutions that will improve confidence in the safety of the U.S. healthcare system, and strengthen hospital defenses against the pandemic and everyday infections.



UV-C technology has been used in the healthcare industry for over 40 years to disinfect against viruses and bacteria

"Your UV-C light technology has impressed my staff. The use of this type of technology will contribute to reducing the bio-burden introduced into the room by normal entry and exit traffic.”

Alexander Melchert

Director of Pharmacy

New York Presbyterian Hospital


Protecting surfaces we touch and the air we breathe

Our U.S. product portfolio is clinically proven and highly versatile. We design solutions that protect hospital facilities, employees and the patients in their care

Large room surface protection

The only fully autonomous UV-C robot manufactured in the USA. Capable of disinfecting 16,000 sq ft of a hospital facility in a single run cycle.


Patient Room protection

Innovative modular UV-C carts are a highly effective solution for the OR and patient rooms, capable of fully disinfecting a patient elevator in 5 mins.

Equipment protection

Disinfection protection for phones, tablets, keyboards and other shared high touch items. Proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in minutes.

Air Protection

Use UV-C technology to clean the air your patients breathe. Safe for use in occupied rooms, removing the need for expensive HVAC  overhauls.

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Maximise your PPE budget with PearlSurface

PearlSurface is the only UV-C device in the world endorsed by 3M to reprocess an N-95 mask twenty times. A typical 300 bed hospital will save over $500,000 per year in PPE spend when deploying PearlSurface technology compared to single mask usage.


PearlSurface is used for surface disinfection of PPE masks, stethoscopes, and other high-touch items in a facility. UV-C is a line of sight disinfection. If an item is in shade, it isn’t treated. Unlike other devices on the market, PearlSurface has lights in the top and bottom, meaning it overcomes issues with shadows.

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