360 degree UV-C disinfection protection for phones, tablets, wallets, keys and everyday high touch items.

Until now, there has not been a practical option to sanitize everyday items like laptops, cell phones, tablets, pens, name badges, wallets, baby pacifiers, toys, etc. With Cubby +, simply lay items on the transparent shelf and let bacteria-blasting light get to work. UV-C light is emitted from all directions and kills greater than 99.99% of the most problematic Hospital Aquired Infections (HAIs) in under 60 seconds.

Clinically proven, Cubby+ patented dosimeter technology measures the UV-C level to ensure delivery of the precise amount of light required to destroy infectious agents.

Use Cubby+ to disinfect everyday items being walked into the workplace, placing units at all entrance points.



Delivers a full disinfection cycle in less than 60 seconds


Used by Marriott Hotels, Delta Airlines and many hospitals


Proven to kill 99.99% of dangerous pathogens


  • 99.99% effective in killing harmful viruses
  • 360 degree disinfection – bulbs on top and bottom
  • Cleaning chamber
  • Patented dosimeter technology
  • 254nm UV-C frequency
  • Deployed in 100’s of hospitals nationwide
  • Trusted by Delta Airlines & Marriott Hotels
  • Dimensions 21″ x 12″ x 4″ – Weight 24 lbs

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