The hospital grade Rensair Q01B boasts a staggering 9,000 hour filter life – the longest of any freestanding air purifier on the market.

Air travels through removable pre-filters at the top of the machine which catch large airborne particles and dust. A powerful fan pushes pre-filtered air down into a cylindrical shaped HEPA 13 filter, trapping bacteria, viruses and smaller airborne particles and pollutants on its inner surface.

An 18W UV-C lamp in the centre of the drum continuously breaks down the DNA of harmful pathogens, thereby destroying them. This continuous disinfection process ensures that Rensair is always safe to operate and maintain.

Rensair’s cylindrical shape allows air to flow out in every direction making it suitable for almost all locations



9,000 hour filter life means lower ongoing costs


Cleans up to 20,000 cubic feet of air per hour


Proven to remove 99.98% of airborne Coronavirus


  • 9,000 hour UV-C and filter life
  • Cleans up to 20,000 cubic feet per hour
  • Low ongoing maintenance costs
  • Hospital grade technology
  • Digital display
  • HEPA and Carbon filters
  • 2 year warranty
  • Dimensions 30 x 15 inches, Weight 40 lbs

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