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The pandemic has bitten the U.S. travel industry hard. 2020 spend suffered a $500 billion annual decline, with business travel down over 70%. It wasn’t just airlines that felt the brunt, the pandemic heavily impacted travel economies of every state. Eighteen states experienced more than a 40% downturn in travel spending.

UV-C makes traveling safer

As travel restrictions are slowly lifted, the industry is looking to increase confidence among travelers and businesses. threeUV are proud to support the travel sector, introducing innovative UV-C solutions that strengthen the defense of airports and transportation systems against the pandemic and everyday infections.




UV-C technology has been used in the healthcare industry for over 40 years to disinfect against viruses and bacteria

"With the safety of our crew members and customers our first priority, JetBlue's Safety from the Ground Up initiative is maintaining a layered approach to safety by ensuring healthy crew members, providing flexibility, adding space, reducing touchpoints, and keeping surfaces clean and sanitized”

Joanna Geraghty

President and COO



Protecting surfaces we touch and the air we breathe

Our U.S. product portfolio is clinically proven and highly versatile. We design solutions that protect transportation systems, employees, and increase passenger confidence.

Large space surface protection

The only fully autonomous UV-C robot manufactured in the USA. Capable of disinfecting 16,000 sq ft of an airport terminal  in a single run cycle.


Transportation protection

Innovative modular UV-C carts are highly effective in protecting transport systems, capable of disinfecting a subway carriage or school bus in under 15 mins.

Equipment protection                             Disinfection protection for airport check in desks, ticket machines and other high touch surfaces. Proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in minutes. 


Air Protection

Utilize UV-C technology to clean the air employees and travellers breathe in occupied buildings, removing the need for expensive HVAC system overhauls.

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Protecting airline passengers with Cubby+

Deployed at all Delta Sky Lounges, Cubby+ delivers UV-C disinfection protection for passenger’s phones, wallets, passports, and everyday high-touch travel items.


With Cubby+, simply lay items on the shelf and let bacteria-blasting light get to work. The emitted UV-C light kills more than 99.99% of the most problematic Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) in under 60 seconds. Place Cubby+ units at entrance points to disinfect everyday items that are walked into airports and passenger lounges.


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